Thursday, 23 October 2008

Gingerbread Boys

Well, it was a tiring day making lots of gingerbread men. When the last one was decorated, I heaved a sigh and turned to leave the kitchen. Then I saw - the box containing the OTHER HALF of the batch, not yet decorated. Argh!

Too many other things to do to even think about another decorating session, I left that job until after the kids came home. Well, I should have thought ahead. The boys saw the decorated men, and said "Awww, we wanted to do them!". I revealed the great treat - 20 more men still to do. Hooray!

I supervised them making another batch of royal icing (pale blue this time), and after a tiny bit of coaching, left them to it.

Here's a boy-decorated man. Really not too bad, is it? They got better as they went on too.

Yes, they washed their hands, the whole bit.

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