Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Here we go again!

Well, I just found out what my doctor wants to do about my heart problem. Since the last operation, I've had new symptoms (a fluttery heart beat, not VT). We've already waited a while to see if it goes away, and yesterday he asked his receptionist to schedule another ablation. She asked "What, for next year?", as she leafed through the book.

It turned out they had a cancellation for NEXT WEEK, and that's when I go in. Wow! It will be good to get it over with, but it's pretty sudden. I have to rearrange my life a bit, load some new videos onto the iPod, things like that.

This time I'm packing fruit!


Danielle D said...

Oh, wow - that's scary, but at least it will over quickly. Good luck! And thank goodness for iPods, we'd be lost without them as distractions from unpleasant things. I take mine to the dentist.

Pauline said...

Thanks! I'm "looking forward" to it - as in, glad it's happening now, and I won't have to take tablets for months while I wait. Can't get enough of that hospital food!

iPods are so good in hospital - games, music, movies, stories, and they make you look busy and not so pathetic too.