Monday, 20 October 2008

Paperific part 5 - A really tiny house to live in

How good are these? Little house shapes, with real windows (like the "proper" houses little kids draw). Paint 'em, collage around 'em, put little people in the windows ... the other shapes behind it are basic house shapes. "Micro Art" is a series of laser cut chipboard shapes, in really, really cool designs. And all small - they fit on little projects like ATCs. Lisa even brought her laser cutter to the show last time - wow, that was an afternoon's entertainment in itself!

There ya go Lisa, your phone number's visible in one of the photos, so that's all the shameless plug you get this time.

Oh, but you have to hear this - my Micro Arts project just got accepted for publication! That means it's still a few months off, of course. Wanna see a preview? Cause you can't! Stamping and Papercraft have negotiated to have first go on it, and that's only fair.

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