Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas with the Laings

We had Christmas at home this year: a very odd arrangement, as we usually go away to Jeff's parents' place. This year we had to be home to send the kids off to Jamboree in time (they go today). Here's some of the Christmas stuff we did:

Jonathan made Thomas a "Blind Tortoise" - you'd have to be one of us to know how cool that is.

Catriona made Dad a spider - he just loves those creepy, leggy spiders that POUNCE on you.

Inflatable lizard - check.

Magnificent lunch - check. We had a way bigger than usual chicken (I thought I knew the weight, but on popping the little guy on the scales I realised I had been wrong. Would have made lunch at least an hour late.).

There were little cheesy quiches, and smashed potatoes, and beans, and chocolate mousse, and sliced melon and cherries.

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