Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Problem with Golden Paints

I have some paints made by Golden - I got them specially for a workshop with Michael deMeng, and they've been lovely. I even got some more (when Jeff went to the US I got a nice parcel delivered to the US office for him to bring home).

And the best colour, of course, is Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. Why? Because Michael deMeng uses it a lot. I've used it so much, that is the only tube that is close to running out. And with so much fun in each tube, I won't mind buying more.

So yesterday, I popped open my Quin Gold. Or rather, cra-a-a-acked it open. I looked at the lid. Hmm. I didn't remember the lids looking like that. Uh oh. I've broken the whole lid. I never knew you could do that.

Well, being resourceful, I reached for one of my empty tubes. Yes, of course I have empty tubes on my desk. Three of the, from Reverse Art Truck. Easy enough to fill, but how does one seal the end without a special gadget? I used the heat tool (paint stripper, that is) and pressed variously with surgical clamps, tweezers and a steel ruler.

Yes, of course I have surgical clamps on my desk. It's a big desk.

It finally worked, and I now have a 20ml tube of lovely paint ready to use until it really does run out.

There was a tad of paint left in the old tube, and since it was destined to go dry, I urgently painted everything at hand that needed painting. Like this pie tin (bakers, don't worry, it was too rusty for baking in - I would never waste a valuable cooking utensil)


drmarty62 said...

Oh Dear Pauline
I hope that doesn't happen to my golden paints. Aren't they just yummy. What a good solution you found

deMeng said...

Hi Pauline
here's a link you might find handy. This has is from a discussion about shelf life of Golden Paint. In general the tech part of Golden's site is amazing. Here's the thread that might address your issue.

here's the main page where you can type something in the search bar and there is usually an answers in there news letter "Just Paint"

hope this helps...and no I don't own stock...I just think they are a really great company...very ethical too.

Happy New Year
Michael deMeng