Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cut and Paste! Makes you feel good!

I had a splendid time at Stamp Club yesterday, cutting and pasting! I used an old phrase book (French Idioms) to get mysterious things for all the people on my collages to say. This is an awesome source of unusual phrases - see out old phrase books at the op shop, you'll thank me!

The people are all photocopies from older fashion (and pattern) magazines, some of them German.

The colour all comes from watercolour crayons (the Stampin' Up ones, natch), which are wonderful for laying down colour and blending just as much as you want to.

So I doubt this is leading to anything artistically, but it sure is fun!

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Helen said...

mmmm - you were right about Jeff's blog.... but I did give it a go and read one entire section... Now "I"
know what to do if my blip doesn't save my git at the time when my ooziwhis is grinting.... I am much much wiser and the better for it.....