Sunday, 17 January 2010

We're back from Sydney!

And when you are on holiday, things that look too expensive normally seem to come out of a different budget ... like this morning tea Jeff and I had at the Guylian cafe in The Rocks.

Sydney was overrun by scouts every day we went in - but no embarrassing meetings with our OWN scouts.

We went to the Reserve Bank (for a laugh) and saw the Currency Note Museum. I recommend it! You can see the whole 4 minute ad that went to air in 1966, introducing decimal currency. All to the tune of Click Go The Shears, it was a very Aussie, possibly copyright violating, introduction to a whole new way of working with money. More scouts in there with us, but they were all leaders. Somehow they had arranged the Sydney outing so that all the leaders arrived with the kids, set a meeting place, gave the kids checkpoints to visit - and then nicked off and did what they wanted all day. Well, the scout leaders were putting in considerable extra hours at the Jamboree, so I'd say they deserved it.

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