Saturday, 2 January 2010

A trashy Treasure

As you may know, I'm fond of visiting Trash and Treasure markets, and garage sales, and church fetes, and school fetes, and basically anywhere that old strange stuff is sold, most especially where it is sold cheaply by people who have no idea what it might be good for.

Here's something I scored at a church fete before Christmas : a little trinket box. Rather tatty, if you were being honest.

All the red parts are just a flocked-paper insert, which I pulled out and used as a template to make my own insert. I've been dying to paint it up, and yesterday was the day. I was slowed down by a Paint Disaster, but I got back onto the metaphorical horse and galloped home well in time for tea.

Reason for doing this? None I can think of, but it all keeps the creative juices going. Very good for all of us.

Actually I just realised there's room for a giant "gem" right there on the lid. Must check the stash.

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