Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The amazing Max

This is Max, a nice, normal looking cat. He's good company, doesn't scratch, eats his dinner, and looks pretty.

But he is also an amazing traveller! He disappeared from his home about six years ago, and Jeff's parents thought he was gone for good. He was replaced eventually by Millie. But as more and more grandchildren started frequenting the house, Millie had had enough, and decamped to the neighbours' house.

And they were catless for a while, until the phone rang one day. It was a vet, who'd been asked to look at a cat who was living in a stable many miles away. Yes, a stable! He was microchipped, and the chip registered him to here. Did they want him back? Well, of course!

So Max got brought home after all those years. He looked around, noted the changes, chose a new favorite seat, and settled right in. At meal time he still waits at the cupboard where his food used to be stored (even though the food comes from elsewhere now).

So there you are, Max the wonder cat!

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RosA said...

He's gorgeous! You sometimes hear amazing stories about the "cat coming back". This is another one of them!