Sunday, 2 January 2011

The usual holiday craft project

As usual, I decided that taking a lot of craft stuff was not necessary on this holiday. As usual, it seems to have come to me anyway. I started with a sketchbook, some pencils, and a Pitt pen. Now I have stamps, paint, stamp pads and a really cool old book!

I decorated these beer caps (there's a lot of them around!)

Here's my cool collage material book - a Doctor Nurse Romance!

And here's how it looks now...

This cute stamp is from Kikki K, the fancy stationery shop. Comes with a stamp pad, in a little drawstring bag, and check the trick with the bird stamp!

And here's my take on it - coloured pencil and pen added.


Anonymous said...

Love it! So glad to see you using the PITT pens in your paper crafting projects!

Pauline said...

Why, thank you! The Pitt artists pen (the black one especially) is traveling staple. I use it for writing, and doodling, and sketching. I've worn out a few, but they only cost a few bucks. Here I was stamping in a pale blue ink (because that was the odd collie choose in the kit), and I decided to use coloured pencils and pen over the top. A good solid hour of fun!