Thursday, 20 January 2011

A nutty gift

Last year our good friend John (who actually introduced me to Jeff) had a birthday, and as usual, we looked around for something a bit spesh. It was evening, and we were at the shopping center, and we didn't have a lot of energy left. I dragged Jeff into the nearest shop, saying "Of course we won't buy here, this is just to help us get ideas". It was kitchen shop. We had no intention of giving a kitchen gift, but it was a good place to wander and chat.

And then we saw a splendid, almost awesome, mortar and pestle, made of shiny stainless steel.

And this ended up being the gift - all the ingredients, and the recipe, for Indian Spiced Nuts. You can find the recipe here. And which I made myself here. The bag toppers are stamped with some favourite retired Stampin' Up stamps of mine (cos that makes it more fun).

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