Saturday, 29 January 2011

Confetti Flinger Card tutorial part 1

I promised it last week (that link has a photo of the finished card), and today at Stamp Club I worked on the method, and took photos. Here's a full lesson on how to create a Confetti Flinging Card, using punches to make the measuring easier.

We'll be using this uber-punch from
Stampin' Up, the "Petal Punch". This makes a pretty shape that would fold up
into tiny (1 inch or so) petal card. It scores too (make sure you lean on it a bit when you punch, to make sure those score lines come up.

Punch out three petal shapes. Lightweight card is fine.
The kind you use to make greeting cards normally.

Glue them together like this. Oops, this should be two steps. First, glue the three shapes together in a line, making them very straight. Then fold the three outer tabs on each side in, and glue them down.

Nip some notches into the strip of card. I've used the pointy bit of a small heart punch here, but scissors will do fine. There's two notches at the second fold down, and two at the fourth fold down.

Get a bit of folded card ready - standard greeting card size, already folded. The fold needs to be horizontal.

Fold your piece on all four folds, making a "box" with those folded flaps on the inside. Put glue on the two end tabs, and glue the box into your folded card. It should be on the lower half, towards the bottom edge. Put the two lower notches towards you. You'll be able to stand it up, and also fold it so it lies flat. Squish it flat and see if it is nice and straight. Make sure it doesn't crowd up against the fold of the big card!

That's plenty for step 1. Stand by for step 2.

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