Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Confetti Flinging card

One of the guys at work came back from a fun holiday with his girlfriend, and shared some news with us. They had got married while they were away!

So of course, I thought this was an occasion for a card! I dimly remembered a card that flings confetti at you as you open it - now that's a good idea. I looked it
up, and found some good info here. A fun afternoon of flinging confetti around my craft room ensued - once I had the method down, I worked on a pretty front. Which was not too hard, once I decided it needed to have two owls (naturally).

The girl owl has a bridal veil. Awww. And some sparklies too. Awww.

Here's Craig opening the card. Sadly he's a nice young man, and didn't shriek at all.

I modified the method, and used some nifty tools I have. Here's a photo of the flinging mechanism, which was pretty effective. Confusingly, I've photographed it in the "already flung" position, but loaded with confetti. By now it would have been all over you. Ah well, it was late, and I was giving the card the next day.

If all goes well, I'll be trying this card again at Stamp Club this week, and taking a few photos of *my* slightly varied method, so I can share.


Chris said...

Ah, so now I *have* to come to stamp club so I can see this nifty idea

WendyH said...

I love this card, Pauline. Will have to give it a try so will be checking back soon to see how to do it correctly. In the meantime, I'll have a play and no doubt get frustrated at trying to make it work. Thanks for the inspiration.

Pauline said...

There you go, Wendy, I've added the tutorial now!