Sunday, 15 May 2011

A food show. In Paris!

What's this? Free invitations to a food show? Sounds ok to me! We picked up a couple of postcards way back at the macaron class, and made a diary note about "Salon Saveurs". Turned out it was a quick ride on the metro, a little further than you would normally go, to the equivalent of Jeff's Shed. Or actually more like Caulfield Racecourse, except without the racecourse. And inside - just like food shows I've been to at home, but with gorgeous foods I haven't tried before. Alright, THIS photo shows Parmesan, which I do believe we've tasted in the past. But we tried artisan bread from Raoul Maeder (whoa!), and spicy cakes, and crunchy macarons, and fruit jellies, and Quernons d'Ardoise (praline coated in blue chocolate, but that didn't put me off one bit!). What a day!
These are a regular event - so, let's look up the next one when we plan our next trip, hey?

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