Monday, 16 May 2011

Paris flea markets

Here's a sight from the very elegant part of the famous Paris Flea Markets. We used the market map, and made a point of visiting the different parts - there are a number of "marches". The one people usually send home photos of is full of gorgeous frou-frou stuff. Then we found the more quirky and recent vintage stuff. Then we found the the junk-y mixed old stuff. Then we found (along the street, and not actually in the market) an illegal market! As we passed through, the word went around, and all the vendors picked up their blankets of stuff and disappeared. Well. That was a nice mix of markets.
Didn't buy anything at any of them though. For me, Sunday at Marche Aligre was a proper treasure market.

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Michelle said...

You found quirky, vintage, French stuff and DIDN'T buy anything?!? Sounds to me like yo have been there too long!