Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ballina - Little Things and Big Things

Whew, back to Melbourne, back to the blog! From now on we'll have text, pictures, the whole thing.

On our 11 day trip away we stayed in Ballina for four days. That's where Mum and Peter have retired to. Ballina is home to the Big Prawn. There's a gym under the Prawn now. That's where I'd work out!

On a day trip in Poppy's (that's Peter's) car, we opened the door to find a little stowaway! The little frog had travelled with us from Ballina to Evans Head, and it was time for him to get off now. We took turns looking at him, and Gran (that's Mum) had a go at holding him. I shrieked when he jumped onto my pants! He left a little froggy mark too. Frog juice.

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