Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Well, apparently I've been TAGGED!

Barb tells me I've been tagged, and have to fulfil some silly and arbitrary requirements. Sigh. Ah well, no rest for the wicked.

Seems the task is to display for the amusement of all, the SIXTH photo in the SIXTH folder of my Pictures file. Of course, because of my stubbornness to use my OWN filing system, I don't actually have anything in "Pictures". So, that opens up a whole field of debate on just which folder I should consider to be sixth. After all, you can sort 'em how you like 'em.

Here's a candidate :
Ah, lovely, innit? That's our flowering peach, in blossom, as it is for only a few weeks each year. This was back in 2004, when I was housebound for six weeks or so (an earlier bout of the heart problem that came back, and got fixed, last year). Since I was stuck inside, Nature decided to put on a splendid show right outside the window for me.

Of course, I had to juggle a bit to call that the "sixth" folder - depends if you call the folder of Paris photos I had selected to take for printing as a "folder" in its own right. If you don't (and I'd be with you on that) then THIS is the special tag photo:

This would be (give me a moment) Jonathan, on his 7th birthday, receiving a nice, well thought out gift from his loving parents. In his jammies. He turns 11 in a few days.

I'll pass the tag on next!

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