Sunday, 1 February 2009

Best Maze Ever!

I wasn't kidding when I said the maze in Alstonville is the best maze in Australia. Well, we thought so. It's called "Amaze 'n' Place". Just the sort of touristy destination we'd head for. Maze, coffee shop, puzzles to do. That ticks all the boxes!

Well, it was totally charming! The maze is constructed of a lattice of trees, tied so that they grow together (Jeff asked what the process was called, but he forgot - it was something complicated - let's call is supercocoafluorochlorination). Anyway, the process of supercocoafluorochlorination allowed them to build a delicate but sturdy maze, which, although it can be seen through, is tricky to traverse. Being seasoned maze goers, we put our left hands on the wall and walked. That's a mathematically safe method of traversing a maze and not getting lost. Umm, we got back to the entrance, but hadn't visited the tower. So, it's a method of getting out, but not of visiting all the interesting points. We had to wing it. There are no dead ends, no cross overs, and tons of cute sculptures tucked into interesting corners.

AND - a treasure hunt for kids. Actually several. The kids went back several times for more quiz sheets, which the owner studiously "marked" for them afterwards.

AND - the coffee shop was deeeelightful. Puzzles to take to your table and do, and yummy things to eat. And a well stocked puzzle shop - Jeff bought two.

AND - to add to the experience, a freshly shorn alpaca was also provided. Betcha didn't see that one coming.

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