Saturday, 7 February 2009

Frying an egg on the pavement? Nope, in the garden.

Hot day in Melbourne. So hot, the newspaper headline is just a number. 46, it's reading now.

So, we wonder, is it hot enough to fry an egg on the ground?

Well, obviously the only way to answer it is to try it. Can't go teaching the kids to reason it out, or do research.


Here is Mr Egg, basking in the nice warm weather:

Here is the frying pan, preheating outside:

Here's the temperature in the pan, reading well over 50 degrees Celsius :

Here's Mr Egg again :

Here's the butter melting rapidly in the pan :

Here's Jonathan, my helper:

Here's Mr Egg being cracked into the pan (we put a lid on him - it's very windy and dusty today too):

And here's Mr Egg again, 16 minutes later :

A warm egg, drying up at the edges, but no real sign of cooking. Wah! I was looking forward to tucking into a nice hot snack.

We'll leave Mr Egg out in the garden for now, and see what happens later. But that's mostly because the pan is too hot to pick up!

They just updated the newspaper headline to 46.4. Bleah.

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France said...

maybe if your pan had been black?