Friday, 10 April 2009

Day out in town

It's school holidays, and we went out for a day in town! We were going to make it a Museum day (that's a real favourite) but we swapped it for a day of just strolling in town - there's always lots to see in Melbourne. We visited all sorts of shops (Minotaur, to see the Star Wars bobbleheads; stationery shops, to look at cards and paper; gift shops, for all sorts of stuff). We saw a duck shooting gallery for the home: so handy.

Then we had a pizza in a little food court (which had some empty shops; we figured they needed our business!).

Then Jonathan found a balloon, and they boys actually frolicked in the sun with it. Or maybe they were gambolling. Anyway, there was less punching than usual, so I was happy.

The balloon burst on the train. Of course.

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