Monday, 13 April 2009

Wow, the things you find!

I was strolling around other people's blogs the other day, and just as I LEFT a page, I saw a little animated button that I just had to have another look at. Well, I had lots of windows open, so it took some clicking to find that funny little guy again.

Turned out to be a link to Starving Artist Stamps, who are making some very smart stamps. Not like anyone else's. Their "Doodle Factory" line in particular. And what do you know? They are doing a blog candy giveaway right now - and to be in it, all I have to do is share the fun! So have a lookee at this:
These are the Super Parents...

Now, that guy would make a nice Father's Day card, wouldn't he? And most of my female friends deserve the super-woman stamp at regular intervals!

Then we have the baby and accoutrements...

Somewhere for them all to live (natch)...

And some words to set it all off (I'm liking "practice makes perfect" - for the second child!).

So there ya go - these Starving Artists (Oh, I do hope they are not really that hungry) are doodling up some great designs. Check their animals too (swoon!).

I am just looking for good stuff to colour in. It's very therapeutic, you know, colouring in. Ask any six year old.

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