Friday, 3 April 2009

Solid Stamps - you need to know this!

If you use solid stamps (that is, anything that tries to lay down a block of colour, rather than lines) you need to use the right paper. I've had patchy results in the past, but here's the results of some testing I've done.

See the top left corner one? That's Stampin' Up white card, which is obviously the best suited to solid stamps. The top right is watercolour paper, fabulous for watercolouring stamps, but obviously not the thing for solid images. No surprises, it has a bumpy surface. But the surprise is the bottom left, which is cartridge paper from a "Visual Journal" - that is, a normal sketchbook. I use this paper all the time for all-purpose stamping, but it doesn't take solid stamps well at all.

And the bottom right is a rooster, not actually part of this story.

So, I ended up buying some SU paper to make sure I have a supply of solid-stamp-friendly paper. It might arrive today - yay!

But, I hear you ask, where did I get that FAB solid stamp? Here it is! I made it myself from the faulty wood block I got replaced - (it's all scratched on the other side). I stuck on rectangles cut from the scraps of some Stampin' Up stamps after they had been mounted. The bits of rubber you normally throw away. See, told you I like to recycle.

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