Wednesday, 29 April 2009

They're all Scouts now!

We had a momentous occasion last week - both boys were invested into Scouts! Catriona is already a full scout, and the boys had spent the last few weeks bearing the undignified title of "Scubs" - Cubs becoming Scouts.

There were a lot of Scubs going up on one night (about ten of them) so the leaders and some older scouts organised something special. They built a rope bridge each new scout had to scale to get to their investiture ceremony.

Here's Thomas on the bridge - his Patrol Leader and APL are encouraging him along.

And here's Jonathan promising to uphold the scout law:

What does this mean for the family? Well, more exciting activities to participate in; more serious camps they can go on; a chance to work towards the Jamboree (best camp ever!); and of course, Mum and Dad get to go out together one night a week. Or stay in and enjoy the peace.

We're hoping Pop (an old scout leader himself) sees this. Hi Pop!

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