Monday, 20 April 2009

Looking for the best ANZAC biscuit recipe ever?

Well, you are in luck. We bake them all the time. Jeff has tweaked his recipe until even I can get nice results.

And to share it properly, I've given it its own blog.

Here's where you find the Best ANZAC biscuit recipe (well, in my opinion).


Chris said...

Why am I not surprised? Congratulations to the Anzac recipe for making the big time ... hmmm, better get cracking, Anzac day is coming up! (PS will you be making bikkies for stamp club?)

Pauline said...

What a good idea - ANZACs for all on ANZAC day. Hmm, time to plug stamp club then.

Ramohth aka Cardiac aka Jill said...

My son (10) and his best mate have just made these - they taste great (the biscuits, not the boys!) and were dead easy to do. Thank you for a beaut school holiday activity.