Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Another day, another cup of pencils...

I had a trip to the local Trash and Treasure market (as usual for a Sunday morning). Some nice men were selling some household stuff, including a wooden box with a sliding lid. Good pencil box! And guess what, FULL of pencils!

So I bought it for an affordable $2.

I got home and started sorting. First I pulled out a full set of basic kids Faber Castell pencils, the kind they use at school. That's nice, we are replacing them all the time.

Then out came a full set of about 36 Derwent Artist pencils, older but all usable. Catriona nabbed them, and a tin to store them in (also a market find).

Then there was a quite big set of Conte Pastel Pencils, made in France. They are not like any pencil I've had before - a richly coloured chalk in pencil form! Wow! So they are on my desk now, stored in one of the second best teacups.

Then there were lots of usable crayons - we took a vote and decided we had plenty of our own, so they are neatly bagged up for an Op Shop.

And it's a nice box too.

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