Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Mrs Laing, how DO you keep your pencils so sharp?

Well, I have a little secret. Only I and the entire office supplies industry know about it.

It's a battery operated pencil sharpener, an X-acto Buzz, and it works really well with Prismacolor pencils - which are the main ones I've been having problems with. Those pencils are so soft, they break if the sharpener is just a tiny bit blunt.

I am sure that I'll have to keep an eye on the blade of this sharpener. When it gets blunt, I sure hope it's replaceable. It'll be worth the effort.

Yes, Prismacolor pencils fit into this sharpener, but I noticed that Derwent Artists pencils (the round barrelled ones) don't fit!

Now, I just can't remember who I bought it from. It was a vendor at Melbourne's most recent Stitches and Craft show.

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