Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Looking for a Rush?

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The good folks at Vibe Village, which you can look up if you like, seem to think I am so influential that friends will watch things on TV if I recommend them. Well, you might, if I really do recommend it.

So, they sent me the first two episodes of the second season of Rush, coming to Channel Ten in a few days time. I hadn't watched the first season, and I'm not a big cop show fan. So with all of that in mind, here's my comments.

I actually really liked it! I have no problem turning off when TV gets boring (I have tons of other things to do), but I stayed on and watched both episodes in one go. OK, I probably got a Milo in the middle. But I came back!

The show is shot in Melbourne (and that's a real plus for me - I kept recognising places, and I loved that!). It's about the men and women of hut-hut-hut squad, who swoop in when things get hairy, with cameras on their collars, like the Marines had in Aliens. Their cameras are being monitored by Geeky Tech Guy, who gives them instructions in their earpieces, just like they did in Broadcast News. Their boss has recently hired Bright New Officer, while second in charge feels he has no authority. Tempers flare, and a surprisingly subtle scene involving a forklift and a car ensues. Excellent scene with an ex-army dude.

There was tons of action, and plenty of focus on the main story, with private stories along the way just being alluded to. Obviously they will build up, but I've always said, if the show is about people with really intersting jobs, I'd like at least 90% of the show to be about their interesting work, and no more than 10% about what they had for breakfast, and who they're going out with.

That was the first episode. The second one was a whole different adventure, with Geeky Tech Guy playing an unexpected role (don't worry, he didn't get out from behind his computer). A minor character gives a chillingly simple explanation of how she got recruited as a drug mule. The 90/10 rule holds. I think I hugged a pillow in one building-dangling scene - talk about stressful!

Now, about local TV. Local actors need work, OK? Most of the main cast are young, and deserve a good start to their careers. Crew members need work. Ever seen a lady walking down the street dangling a boom microphone in people's faces? No, you haven't, because she's at home looking for a job! Acting students need something to work towards. Writers need work. Regular TV dramas are good for all those people. So there's some good economic reasons to be a fan too.

Thanks for the preview, VV, I hope this counts as spreading the word. Next time I'm in trouble I'll know to call for the hut-hut-hut squad.

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