Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Other Never Ending Card

I learned how to make a Never Ending Card the other day. Here's a link to my serious stamping site where I show that off.

Turns out, it's reasonably easy to do, and of all people, it was young Thomas (11) who wanted to learn to make it. Here's his version.

First face - "HELP ME".

Second face - "Please help!"

Third face - 'HELP!" (I know, you really want to help whatever's trapped in the card by now, don't you!)

Last face : well what do you know, it was a cheeky elephant all the time. "Thanks - could you help my brother?"

We added eyelets because after all that vigorous turning, our adhesive was getting a bit loose. Also because we love to use the Cropadile (that's the eyelet setter to the stars!).

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