Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Back in the work force

It was a big day yesterday - I returned to the work force! That's the actual paid work force, not the hard working volunteer workforce I've been in for years. So it's a nice rest, sitting at a desk and working through the training manual of a complex computer system. It's a five day training course, reckon I can knock it over in four. Or six maybe. I want to do a good job, so no point rushing.

The office is right in the not-very-salubrious part of the inner suburbs, and we get to park in a post-apocalyptic car park!


Chris said...

Welcome back to the workforce!
Hey, that last pic might be a little NSFW *g*

Bridget Larsen said...

Wow congratulations you have more money to spend on crafts now!!!!!
That's why you went back to work isn't it??

Pauline said...

It'll certainly help the general finances, that's for sure! And I'll be taking my lunch in!