Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Cookie, anyone?

Thomas baked on the weekend - he's 10. He made a batch of Black and Whites, a great chocolate chip cookie from a Mrs Fields recipe book. We use Dutch cocoa now, having found a local source, and it's very black! In with the batch of regular cookies he made one HUGE one. He wanted to photograph it (before eating it) and so we set this up. I tried to demonstrate that putting it on a small plate with a smallish teapot would emphasise it. Yay!

This tea cup is one of the first I "collected". It was in a local op shop, and very pretty. I bought it, but didn't leave the shop right away. The lady working there ran up to me and said "Look what I've found!". It was the matching side plate! I said I would be buying that, just as soon as I finished browsing. By the time I got back to the counter, she was glowing with pleasure - "I thought you might like this!!". It was - not the matching saucer - but a similar one that looked rather nice with the rest. The saucer is Shelley, a famous English china company that even I've heard of. So this turned out to be my first trio. Delicate enough to feel really posh, but well worn, and not at all too precious to actually use.

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