Thursday, 14 August 2008

Possibly the nicest cup of tea in Melbourne

Ahhh, that's a nice sight. Yesterday I had to do a test at the hospital - nothing major, but the preparation was NO tea or coffee (or chocolate, for that matter) for 24 hours. Easy enough, except that my naughty sons kept offering to put the kettle on for me.

Afterwards, I asked the nurses where the best coffee was (you can trust nurses to know that stuff) and they directed me to the private hospital across the road, with a pretty coffee shop in the foyer. That was where I had my emergency cappuccino, and it was lovely. But this morning's relaxed pot of tea has a special place in history.

Another interesting note is that I'm now radioactive, and not allowed to hold small babies for several more hours. I sure hope none come to visit. At least not until the afternoon.

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Chris said...

Mmmm, a nice pot of tea, and such beautiful china ... you deserve it! Hope you don't glow in the dark.

Hugs, Chris