Friday, 8 August 2008

Lemon Slice, folks

Mmm, lemon slice. I used to be so disparaging of uncooked slices. Anything that uses perfectly good biscuits as an ingredient is a bit suspect, surely. But lemon slice is a real favourite, and goes down terribly well with tea or coffee.

Here is the recipe I've been following, but with one change. I substituted bought ANZAC biscuits for the Granitas - they were left over from an ANZAC day project. We ate so many home made ANZACs that when the bought ones turned up... well there was no contest. Oh, and this lemon slice has the zest of an orange as well as a lemon. I zested some spare oranges weeks ago, and stored the zest in the freezer. There was a terribly good reason for that, which I'll think of soon. Oops, that's two recipe changes.

The real bother with this recipe is that it calls for half a tin of condensed milk, so you have to make another one soon. Awww.

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