Sunday, 17 August 2008

Michael deMeng workshop

OK, it was ages ago, but I went to a workshop with Michael deMeng in Melbourne. It was cool! He's a super teacher, most encouraging, and creates an inspiring atmosphere in the class. You should see his blog - he even lists the music he plays while we work (which is really well chosen). Here's what I made (on the second day ... the first day item was pretty poor.) I call it "Doctor Phosphor". I think you can tell it's made by someone who was trying to make something "just like Michael's". I had the pleasure of giving another lady a lift to the workshop, and asked her if she minded stopping at Camberwell Market on the way. The photo frame this is based on used to be pink with ribbon on it, and cost me 50c. The arch at the bottom (with the keyhole in it) is an old wireless mouse that stopped working. The "horns" on top of the frame are part of it too.

Much use of Golden Paints here - Mr deMeng loves them and teaches so much about their use. They were a delight to use, and it's such a shame that they are kind of pricey and hard to get here. But there ya go. We must get a local paint company to come up with something that outclasses Golden!

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