Thursday, 28 August 2008

Crackle Paint

Well, that last post was a bit long and serious, so here's a fun one. Where, I expect you are asking, did all painting of little plastic animals on the weekend lead to? I'm glad you asked. One of the materials I brought out was crackle medium (can you believe, I scored a whole bottle of Jo Sonja Crackle medium ALSO at the scout hall garage sale. I paid $15 for a big bag of goodies, and I've hardly started to show you everything!). The frog in an earlier post was done with crackle medium over Norwegian Orange paint (go on, start humming "Norwegian Wood" now) then highlighted with a dark brown. It looked cool, and then I made this:

It's a cardboard tile (a piece from a kids' game) painted with cream paint, then stamped (that stamp comes from Blade Rubber in London), coloured with Inktense pencils, then I painted crackle medium over it. After it dried, I highlighted the crackles with a bronzy colour. Nice, eh?

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