Sunday, 3 August 2008

Gingerbread Candidates

I made these for the last Federal Election (November 2007). The school had a cake stall, and so did the scout hall - great fundraisers - and I did a my usual bit of baking. Well, quite a bit actually. I delivered everything in a laundry basket.

One of my favourite things was the Gingerbread Candidates. Packed individually with a blurb about each candidate, they represent John Howard (grey hair, made of coconut and a little black food colour)(he lost); Kevin Rudd (blonde hair and the Kevin 07 t-shirt)(he won); a Democrat; a Green; and (of course) an independent. They sold out at $1.50 each, so my batch of gingerbread got turned into quite a lot of income for the school and scout hall. Love cake stalls!

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