Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Tupperware Book

How you can use Tupperware to make a really cool notebook (probably rugged enough for a worksite, too).

1. Open some tins with the Tupperware can opener. It leaves the edges nice and smooth.

2. Use a Dremel tool to cut a "flap" off the side of one tin, and replace some of the lid with a sturdy gaffer tape hinge.

3. Drill some holes in the lids.

4. Cut some paper circles and punch holes in them too.

5. Assemble the whole shebang into a book with cord to tie it up.

6. Oh, and I dare say you can decorate it too. My Tupperware lady was most impressed. But then, she just likes it when I buy stuff.


Cathy Daulman said...

Nice Pauline.
Will you bring the book to the next SERS meeting for us to see close up ?

Spring Chook said...

Sure, nice idea!

I have been meaning to make a *nicer* one. This one didn't really have a theme going, you know?


Melanie said...