Saturday, 18 May 2013

Frog Shower in Ballina

We take a break now from the fascinating life and doings of ME, to focus on my wonderful MUM (you can call her Judi). Mum is retired (i.e. permanently on holiday) with Peter in Ballina on the northern coast of New South Wales. Gorgeous place to visit, too.

She enjoys showing me cool things from around her home, like lizards that come to feed, or interesting plants in bloom. Lately, though, things have got super interesting - she has FROGS in the shower. She doesn't have a blog or anything, so I must share them for her.

This is the first one that arrived. He's on the floor of the shower, and not really perturbed by a nice lady using the shower.

This is the second day of the Frogpocalypse. Her comment was "Frodo has been promoted to soap monitor".

Third day, and she says "This is bobo, Frodo's little brother. I think he is an architect as he is very interested in buildings".

Another look at Bobo.

And then we have Bobo and Frodo together : "I went out for the day, but brother Bobo turned up in the spare wheel cover on the caravan, Peter brought him to me and we quickly decided he was a new member, the proof is in the next picture."

I think we can all congratulate Mum on some very fine frog reporting. All photos have been taken with an iPad, and in the shower, so we can forgive any technical flaws.

Please keep the updates going, Mum!

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