Friday, 24 May 2013

In which my Mum kisses a frog

And for those who have been following the story of my Mum's frogs, here's a final bittersweet installment...

"This is the last frog chapter. We made the great decision to return our little guests to wild. Bobo had been missing most of yesterday, Frodo as usual doing his impersonation of a prune, was squashed into the smallest spot he could find. Bobo suddenly appeared upstairs at breakfast time, so in view of the danger to little frogs, coupled with the fact they wouldn't eat anything I gave them, the decision was made and I kissed them goodbye, (no princes) and took them out to the compost bin where it is a nice damp spot with pots of herbs, and a convenient down pipe to live in. It was sad saying farewell but its for the best. Here is a last photo."

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