Friday, 31 May 2013

In a wibbly wobbly world of my own

I know what you're thinking ... who is that vivacious woman? Well, that's me. I had number one son take a photo of me. But why am I looking so pleased with myself? Well, it's partly because it's my day off, partly because the sun is out, but mostly because I have a new necklace!

The legendary Cathy Daulman, who comes to my stamp club, has been getting interested in polymer clay, and especially, making moulds. Tiny dolls are a special favourite of hers at the moment. And what are the nicest tiny dolls? Jelly babies! Cathy had a go at making a jelly baby mould - the first go was cast from an actual jelly baby, but it wasn't a complete success. So she turned her hand to carving her own jelly baby, and making a mould from that. The result was completely fantastic! I caught her tinkering with a necklace, and commissioned one on the spot.

We had much discussion about colours. I sent her samples of my favourite colours. I even questioned the colour of one of the prototype beads - but here's the end result, and I think it's FABULOUS!

Want one? Try contacting Cathy through her My Stamps web site,

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