Friday, 3 May 2013

One last thing I got at Paperific

As I have noted to a few people, stencils are hot right now. Lots of exciting varieties around, lots of great designs. I mean, look at these ones:

Hmm, they are made of a thicker plastic material than the usual stencils. Each one is about A5 size. Amazing designs!

Had a quick go with the spritzer and a marker - yep, that's going to work.

But the most interesting thing about these stencils is that they didn't come from Paperific at all. They were from the neighbouring Better Homes and Gardens show (I went to both). These are actually samples from the guys at QAQ, who make decorative screens for home and office use. Go look at their site, their ideas are way cool! These samples are 1/10th scale versions of what they sell, and they hand them out as freebies!

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RosA said...

Hi Pauline,
Those little stencils are FABULOUS! Wish I could buy them at my local craft shop :(
Have fun!