Monday, 13 May 2013

Vegemite macarons!

I took some macarons into work today - tasty mandarin for everyone except Ben, and a few very special Vegemite ones for Ben. Here's Ben anticipating a treat.
Here's the five special macarons. The filling is white chocolate ganache, generously flavoured with the evocative combination of vegemite, breadcrumbs, and butter.

He enjoyed it a lot, and described it as "not completely bad". Here's Ben enjoying his treat.

Mmmm, num. 

Then Rob came in. Well, actually, everyone came in, because the network was down and there were biscuits. Rob is American, so he got pressured into trying a vegemite macaron.
Rob's a professional writer, so he was super eloquent. I think he said it was "not bad".
Also Jeff made yo-yos. They were perfectly fine.

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Jeff Laing said...

Actually, I quite liked them