Saturday, 11 May 2013

More girls lunches

The women at work are continuing with "Girls Lunches", every two weeks (we think that's an easy timetable to keep up, and not send anyone broke).

Here's some recent treats:

Anmol at Masak Masak, enjoying an actual coconut!

We are told that the name means something like "playing kitchen", the game we all play when we are about three or four.

My Vegie Laksa at Masak Masak. People asked me if it was too spicy, as I coughed, spluttered, and mopped my brow. "No, just how I like it"...

... while Arina (on right) enjoys the same dish, but asks for extra fresh red chillis. Veronica is on the left, having tasty satays.

Different day, and here we are at "South of Johnston". Hmm, not much on that web site, I'll point you to a review site instead. Here we are at "South of Johnston".

There's Veronica again, and Anmol, both eclipsed by my magnificent tofu and rice noodle salad, which was full of asian-inspired crispiness and yum!

Anmol amused me enormously by ordering a dish described as "Chicken, herbed and crumbed", but pronouncing it as "Chicken Herbert". I will call crumbed chicken "Chicken Herbert" from now on.

Look, it's Anmol's Chicken Herbert. Kirsty is having something fancy with beetroots and goats cheese. The menu here is very breakfasty, but there are so many office workers around, they have added some lunch dishes.

This was one of the friendliest, most welcoming places yet! They guy (kind of) told us off for not booking, but did it so sweetly that we PROMISED to book next time. The autumn themed decor was gorgeous, and obviously worked on regularly. There's a fireplace and sofas too, and they sell Portugese custard tarts. So that's my winter taken care of.

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