Friday, 3 May 2013

My day out at Paperific (May 2013)

Paperific started today - I've supported Paperific since before it was called Paperific, so I had to go!

Here's some of my fun news of the day:

Here's a little skeleton in a closet. The samples at Twiddleybitz are completely awesome. I asked permission to take photos here, by the way. You must.

This is a lovely little chipboard kit, all those intricate pieces all cut out for you, and priced at just $8. Now that will be a fun afternoon at stamp club!

More Twiddleybitz samples - this little house/money box was decorated by a guy! So cool. Bought this kit too. Just $5. It's practically free fun!

"Please try our pens" - thank you, I did. Rossdale are wholesalers of some cool gear, and it was all nicely displayed. They were doing make and takes too.

I wrote the "Art", and the "Smart" and the "Big". There's a purple pig there too, but I definitely didn't draw that.

Joan keeps an eye on me, as I keep an eye on her Distress markers. That was my only make and take today (I'm a busy woman you know).

Rossdale also had : TRIANGULAR BLANK JOURNALS! Proper hardbound, triangular books!

The young people have an expression these days:

"Just shut up and take my money!"

Trickier than it sounds to actually buy them - as I mentioned, Rossdale were there as wholesalers, giving people a lookie at their stuff, not actually selling. But they were hooked up with both Bellbird Place and Little Bits. If you desperately wanted to buy something on the display, one of their lovely staff would walk you around to a retailer.

I dragged another buyer in my wake. I do that, I think I am good for business. We both bought the small and the large book (yes, there are two sizes), for around $10 and $15, which was very reasonable.

If you want one too, be quick at Paperific, or get in touch with your Little Bits, or Bellbird Place, or your local crafty or arty supply shop. Then we can all do triangular books together!

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Mylene Hillam said...

Absolutely love those triangular journals. Sounds like you had a great day at Paperific Pauline.