Tuesday, 11 November 2008

An eBay success story

I have a habit of collecting pretty things, at garage sales and so on. Interestingly, my house's capacity for pretty things is pretty small, so after a bit of enjoyment, I regularly sell batches on eBay. This is one - a truly lovely clock. I had to look up all the details - it's a "Petit Point" clock - those panels are real needlework. The striped panels are decorative paper, behind glass. It came from a garage sale, for very little money, but as far as I could see, there was little chance of ever hearing it tick again. No hands, rattly works, and no glass. It sat in my craft room for ages, being a bit of inspiration.

Finally I let it go on eBay, and made a useful $20 or so on it. The buyer was pleased with his bargain. The best bit though, is that he emailed me some time later, and said he had it working! WOW! So it's a win all round - the original seller got some shelf space, I enjoyed looking at it, and scored enough pocket money to pay for a few craft supplies, and the new owner got a project that turned out great. And little miss clock lives again, just as she was supposed to. And she's probably worth a good bit more now.


Danielle D said...

That's a seriously cute clock - I don't know how you parted with it! But I suppose it's better that it's with someone who could make it go again.

Pauline said...

It's not "parting with"; it's "having for a while". You can have more stuff that way! I worked it out!