Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Woo hoo! My Homer Simpson Card!

Yay! I get to post this card I made! I had to wait until the birthday recipient received it (cos that's my rule, of course) but lucky for me, he has no restraint at all and opened his parcel a full five days early.

John is turning 49, and the running gag is that that's nearly 50. Not much of a gag, but it's something to tease him with.

So I made this card to go with the gift (a donut maker!). Jeff talked to him on the phone tonight and asked what he thought of the card. There was an offhand reply. Jeff prompted a bit further - "Yeah, I didn't believe Pauline had made that herself!". "Um, she didn't - did she?" said John. He had another look, and realised it was a real hand made card.

So wow, my card got mistaken for a "proper" factory made card.

A very nice excuse to use the "Doodle" alphabet I just bought. The exclamation mark is the "i" upside down. I always think stamp alphabets need to come with punctuation. Alternatively, a good stamp set would be all-sizes punctuation. It'd look silly, but I'd buy it!

I used a round punch to punch the eyes out of white glossy sticker paper. Very effective, but then I had to get the shading in, and not every marker likes glossy paper. So I got to bring out the gray Copic alcohol based marker (which came in a pencil case I bought at a market). Yes, there's another thing I always look out for, old pencil cases, because they are often stuffed full of quality art materials.

Yes, yes, I know, just a teensy bit of a copyright violation here. Wouldn't dream of making such a card for sale. Actually never been tempted to sell a card anyway.


Chris said...

LOL that's so cool!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

What a tops card!!! Love it!!
ps found your blog through stamphappy - didn't even know you had one! doh!