Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Log Fairy and the Fruit Fairy

We had some trees lopped the other day. Seriously lopped - well, to the ground really. It all started when the strolling tree-loppers knocked on our door. They seem to do the rounds of the neighbourhood offering no-hassle chopping of troublesome trees, right now if you like. They have insurance, a truck, some chainsaws, and now a mulcher. It's nice to see some blokes turning their desire to chop stuff up into a thriving business.

So they left some logs in the garden. Six trees full. We are shifting them, surreptitiously, to the nature strip each day, hoping the Log Fairy will take them away. So far, the Log Fairy is running at 100% success. I caught a look at him once - a well dressed man in a really nice car. He just took a few pieces and drove on. But by morning the pile was empty again. I suspect the Log Fairy is like Santa, and has lots of helpers.

So if that's the Log Fairy, who's the Fruit Fairy? It's Louise, who dropped by yesterday with a care package. She was surprised to find me quite well. I traded her a jar of cumquat marmalade for her gift of fresh fruit, and we had a lovely cuppa. All the rest of the day I snacked on fruit, and coped a lot better because of it. Thank you, Fruit Fairy, I really do believe in you!

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