Friday, 28 November 2008

My birthday!! Part 1

I had a birthday yesterday - yay! Jeff took the kids out shopping, and they apparently influenced him... now *I* have a donut maker too! That's a fun present! Got to experiment with recipes now.

The big present (heavily hinted at) was a hand blender - a really posh one. It justifies its kitchen place by replacing two other gadgets - or three actually. Froths milk like a beauty when you want cappuccino. To say nothing of all the other kitchen jobs. It blended Sweet Potato Soup for us last night. Yum!

I have to blog very slowly today - we used up our whole month's supply of internet goodness four days early, and have to go at slowed-down-speed until Sunday night. So I may just bank up the photos and add lots on Monday!


AztecMichelle said...

Hope you had a lovely day! (hmmmm... doughnuts....)

Chris said...

Happy birthday to you, you Spring Chook you

See ya tomorrow