Saturday, 15 November 2008

Pizza pie for you?

Back in the middle of last century, there was a lot of migration to Australia from Europe, including many people from Italy. They, and their offspring, are all Aussies now, and everything they brought is part of our culture. But - this McAlpine's cookbook from (about) the 1950s shows what the settling in period was like. Daring cooks were invited to try "Continental Cookery", including this "Pizza". That's a type of pie, right?

Today is the Hilltop Market, a church fete I remember from last year. That was where I got my first rubber dolly. Ah, good times.

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France said...

You know, when I was little, we used to have this silly song we sang when we played "elastics" (you know, two girls stand a few feet apart, with those elastics used in sewing, strapped around their legs, and others jump in and out and over the elastic?), and we sang this thing that never made much sense, until I saw your Pizza Pie. It went "M-i-ss-i-ss-i Pizza Pizza Pie Olé!" I think we were meant to spell Mississippi or something. I'd love to know the origin of this one! Oh... Oh... and this other song "when the moon hits the sky like a big PIZZA PIE...."
ok, time to stop procrastinating. :)