Friday, 28 November 2008

Some Stamping Nostalgia

Birthdays make you nostalgic - at least, the ones with big numbers do. See if you can spot the mystery location :

Yes, it's Woodstock, in Maling Rd, when it used to be located in the old Post Office (most glamorous shop on the street). Woodstock was the most gorgeous stamp shop in Melbourne, and definitely where I got the bug. They had a cafe and kids play area too. Ah, those were the days. Take the kids for a run around in Canterbury Gardens, a quick morning tea and a browse at the stamps while they are distracted.

In the top photo, those two little cheeseburgers on the left are my twins, and the pretty girl is Chris' young Jayne, who's a lot bigger now.

And here's another visit to the same place :
But this time the girl is my Catriona. Reading to her brothers. Awww.

And you know, the shelves would have been full of these awesome stamps, and I didn't realise how much I'd want them in seven years time! Do you know some of these PSX botanicals are changing hands for upwards of $50? Of course some aren't, so that's why I'm patrolling eBay regularly. My collection's up to three now (of the actual botanical range). Nice! But so many more to go...


Chris said...

Awwww, Jayne was so little then ... *sob* ... as a 10 year old she's cute and smart, but I kinda miss the 3 year old ...

Gail Kirby said...

Oh they are so little! Where does the time go and I MISS that shop so much :-( It was definately my favourite outing back then.


Barb said...

What cute kids....and yes it was a fun place to shop. I remember buying some wonderful PSX animal stamps when they were round the corner in Union Road. Still got them.