Friday, 7 November 2008

Not sick enough

Surprise! I'm home! In fact, I got sent home yesterday, after spending the afternoon in an attempt to do another round of EP studies. When I saw my doctor I told him "Actually, since I last saw you, I haven't had any problems." He visibly wilted. Big sad face and everything. He can't do anything unless the patient is showing some symptoms. So I still got taken into the big scary room (it's the Angiography Suite, I now know). This time I climbed up onto the table myself. They hit me with some medicine, something adreneline-like, to raise the heart rate, and trick the heart into showing it's worst behaviour.

And what happened? A fast, strong, regular beat, just like you'd expect in a healthy person.

So I got hovercrafted off the bed and back to my room, where they kept me for a little while to do final observations, and to make sure the treatment so far hadn't upset me. They brought a really appalling meal (boiled vegies and boiled rice - they have vegetarian options, but not every day... silly me for thinking otherwise). I ate my strawberry cake. Then we went home.

I called Mum, and rearranged the carpooling for scouts. After that, I was pretty flaked, and went to bed by ten. So today I call the doctor to find out what's next - it might just be "wait and see".

The second photo here is the welcome pack they put on your bed before you arrive. Ah, my own telemetry unit, that's good. And a little handbag to put it in, how neat. A razor - urk!

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Chris said...

I'm not sure if I should congratulate you on your good health or commiserate with you on things not going to plan.

Welcome home, anyway